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Financial Peace of Mind Comes From Understanding How Your Life Connects With Your Money


Envisage Financial Planning focuses on providing our clients financial peace of mind. We are dedicated to providing financial solutions that best suit your needs. Whether preparing for retirement, enjoying your retirement, or working towards other financial goals, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients and serving as their dedicated partner. Our individualized plans are created to provide comfort, confidence and security throughout your life. We are fee-only financial planners with no account minimums. Please contact us, and we can begin working on your solutions together.

Fee-Only Financial Planning

We are a Fee-Only financial planning firm.  We do not accept commissions, and we do not have account minimums.  We feel our responsibility to our clients is best served without relying on outside incentives.

Customized Service

Envisage offers both financial planning and investment management services.  Our planning process allows clients to see where they are now, decide what they would like to accomplish, and create a plan that gets it done.  Investment management services are offered in conjunction with our custodian, TD Ameritrade.


We work under the fiduciary standard at Envisage Financial Planning.  Fiduciary is a complex word with a simple meaning:  We always put your interests before our own.

Steve Ferger Photo

Steve Ferger

Financial Planner, Investment Advisor

Steve Ferger, CFP®, is a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor at Envisage Financial Planning in Palm Springs, California.  Steve came to financial planning after spending fifteen years working as an individual investor.  Financial questions from family and friends led him to the realization that financial planning goes far beyond investment returns.  He returned to school and became a Certified Financial Planner™ after completing the program at UCLA.  He also holds MBA and MS degrees from Boston University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University.

We Align Your Finances With The Life You Want To Live


Financial planning is much more than investment advice and stock picking. Envisage believes financial success begins with a comprehensive personal financial plan. We’ll take you through the steps necessary to see where you are now, find out where you want to go, and create a plan to get you there. Here is a more detailed look at our process:


  • Create a personal balance sheet by looking at your current assets and liabilities
  • Take a look at your current spending and analyze your cash flow
  • Check your insurance coverage
  • Analyze your tax returns and look for possible savings
  • Check to see that your beneficiary information and estate plan are up to date


We will sit down together and discuss what you would like to do now and in the future. We’ll also provide some exercises to better understand what you value. Finally, we will look at the life and legacy you would like to create and develop the steps to get you there.


We’ll construct a plan with to both achieve your goals and let you sleep at night. We’ll incorporate your risk tolerance and cash flow to structure a solution that we can implement together.




Our comprehensive planning includes all of the services listed above. A Comprehensive Financial Plan is typically $2500. This fee may be higher for more complex situations. 


We’ll manage your investments and suggest any necessary changes to keep your plan on track. Comprehensive Financial Planning Clients who choose to have Envisage manage their investments are charged a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM). 


Not all financial questions require a comprehensive financial plan to answer. Hourly planning is offered for clients who have a special one-time project, one or two financial questions they need answered, or financial coaching. We’ll discuss only those topics and provide in-depth analysis. Offered at a rate of $250/hour, most of these projects fall within a cost range of $500 to $1000.

Affordable Advice From Approachable Advisors



CFP Board is a non-profit organization acting in the public interest by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning through its setting and enforcement of the education, examination, experience, ethics and other requirements for CFP®certification.


The country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve. 

CGN Advisors, LLC

Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Advice. CGN Advisors, LLC is a geographically diverse group of Fee- Only Financial Planners, leveraging CGN Advisors headquarters’ technology and support, to provide quality financial planning and investment advice to improve our clients’ financial lives.


Garrett Planning Network

Founded in 2000, the Garrett Planning Network has grown into a national network of hundreds of hourly based, Fee-Only financial planners. The goal of Garrett Planning Network is to offer competent, objective advice accessible to all people.

A Dream Retirement Is The One That Let’s You Sleep At Night


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